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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Special Programs

In a student-centred environment, we focus on active learning, reflection and collaboration. At Francis Libermann C.H.S there is an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, experiential learning, extensive co-curricular programs and service projects. Staff develop curriculum and plan learning opportunities in a collaborative and professional environment. Furthermore, the teachers at Francis Libermann employ a range of instructional methodologies including lectures, seminars, labs, small group work, independent study and one-on-one instruction in order to meet the academic needs of each student. Supported by cutting edge and innovative classroom technology (i.e. Smart Technologies and e-class), a variety of special programs are offered to meet the diverse learning needs of students within the Libermann community. Special programs include the following: Grade 7 & 8 Congregated Gifted Program; Secondary Gifted/Enrichment Program; Advanced Placement; DD/ME; PHAST Paces, and Co-operative Education.


Programs Offered

Grade 7/8 Full-Time Gifted Program
Advanced Placement
Developmentally Delayed/Multiple Exceptionalities
Co-Operative Education

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM – Energy)



Policy and Protocol for Congregated Gifted Enrolment


1. Application forms – Distributed at the information night and accessible on the Congregated Centre school Website


2. Application are due ASAP – Applications will be stamped with the date received at the designated Congregated Centre


3. March to April – Eligible applicants will be contacted.


4. IPRC – All teachers of the gifted will receive notice of successful applicants to be reviewed for a Change of Placement Review. Co-ordinator to attend only necessary cases.


5. Acceptance Letter – Will be sent from Francis Libermann to successful applicant in early June.