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Extra Curricular Activities

Francis Libermann has a proud co-curricular tradition.  Teams, clubs and committees have enjoyed success at the local, city, provincial and national levels.   Being a member of a co-curricular activity can be a rewarding experience, allowing students to enjoy comaraderie as they develop talents, discipline and skills. 

Participation in co-curricular activities places other responsibilities on students:

  • Students must represent Francis Libermann in an exemplary manner both at the school and in the community;

  • Students must demonstrate support and respect for their staff facilitator and fellow participants;

  • Students who miss a class due to participation in a co-curricular activity must complete all missed work and assignments;

  • Students who are absent from school will not participate in any co-curricular activity that day;

  • Students who are suspended will not participate in any co-curricular activity, game, meeting, performance or practice for the period of the suspension.

  • The Administration has the right to refuse student participation in any school/or extra curricular activity.



A student who participates in co-curricular activities and experiences academic and/or attendance difficulties will be reviewed by the Academic Review Committee (consisting of the Principal, Vice Principals, Guidance Counsellor, Student Success Teacher, Special Education Teacher (if applicable), and teacher involved in the co-curricular activity.  The committee will determine the conditions for continued participation in the activity.



  • Francis Libermann aims to provide for its students an enhanced educational experience through participation in inter-school athletics organized by the Toronto District Colleges Athletic Association (TDCAA).  To achieve this it is expected that members of the school community who participate in athletics will:

  • Respect the rules of the game and the spirit of the rules;

  • Respect all coaches and the officials who referee and administer games and accept their decisions with dignity and civility;

  • Respect opponents while demonstrating an appreciation of fair-minded, ethical play;

  • Maintain self-control at all times and refrain from taunting members of the oposition or spectators;

  • Not use foul or contemptuous language and/or gestures; or threatening and violent actions;

  • Follow the School Athletic Policy to participate in any school sport;

  • Administration has the right to refuse student participation in any school and/or extra curricular activity.

  • Violations of this code will be handled initially by the coach. The coach will assign appropriate disciplinary action. In more serious cases, the coach will refer the student to the Administration.




Attendance at athletic events organized at the school, TDCAA or related groups is a priviledge extended to students.  The role of a spectator is to support our school teams in a positive manner, acting at all times, with respect for other teams, other spectators and for the officials.  The priviledge of attendance may be withdrawn if the school staff or event officials has reasonable grounds to suspect that the safety (emotional, physical, etc) of staff and/or students has been compromised. 

Spectators who attend the events will:

  • Wear their full uniform while attending games;

  • Avoid the use of PED’s;

  • Refrain from distracting behaviours.


AWARDS (Athletic/Community)


There are three formal Award Ceremonies;


Athletic Awards Ceremony (May): celebrating the athletic achievement of grades 9-12.


Libermann Letters: The receipients of these awards must accumulate 50 points for a Junior Letter during grades 9 and 10 and 100 points for a Senior Letter from grade 9 to grade 12.  These recipients usually play two or more sports during each school year or are involved in a major sport and excel every year. 


Adler Isidor Memorial Award: The student athlete who best personifies Adler’s love of sport, athleticism, Spirit, and overall contribution to the community.


Award of Excellence:  These athletes have contributed to sports over their four years in High School.  They have shown by example that they are among the best in their sport or sports and are the leaders and the backbone of their teams.