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Please note that this document is a draft - revised/final version to follow



Holy Angels C.S. will have a facility which will accommodate a growing student population in light of potential boundary changes. 
The new facility will take into account traffic congestion configuration and the need for additional green space for students to play and use everyday not just on a rotating basis.


Admission Policy:
Change admissions policy for both elementary and secondary schools based on postal code
Boundary Change:
Implement a boundary change for OLS only when a new facility is constructed.  Do not move the problem from one school to another without a solution in place.
Build a New School
TCDSB prioritizes and submits new school on its capital expenditure list to obtain ministry funding immediately
Retain current students in existing facility while new school is built

Impact short, medium, long

Short Term:
Gradual decrease in enrolment as children graduate from school
Medium Term:
Minimize disruption to families and staff, in order retain student population
Long Term:
New school to accommodate increased enrolment
both due to catchment developments and boundary changes




Holy Angels is currently overcrowded.  Traffic and limited green space are already safety issues.  More students would compound the problem.
No boundary change should be implemented until a new school is in place to house the increased number of students.
Land exists to build a new school on land next to the existing school.  The TCDSB purchased the Kerr Candy Factory land next to the school.  It has also approved the purchase of the house next to the school. 
If, in order to alleviate OLS overcrowding,  a boundary change is made increasing the Holy Angels catchment area, it is imperative that the overcrowding problem is not just moved from one school to another.  Moving students who are currently in portables at OLS to portables at Holy Angels is not a solution