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Give Peace  A Chance – Taking it to the Streets 60’s Style
In a throwback to the 1960’s, students at Holy Angels Catholic School are “taking it to the street”, carried signs with messages of peace, love and hope for the community on February 14th.
Students lined the street from 12 noon to 1 p.m., holding up signs for passers-by such as “Honk if you love someone!” and “Today is awesome--just like you!”
Modelled after Washington D.C.’s Massoud Adipour’s project “Honk If You Love Someone”, the school’s Bucket Fillers and Art Club decided to try his idea in their own community. 
The Holy Angels Bucket Filler’s help make the school a safer and better place by celebrating students who exhibit positive behaviour. The Bucket Fillers gave out paper water droplets to symbolize how one positive action can “help fill a bucket” of positive behaviour throughout the community.
Teacher/Supervisor Antonette Migliore-Malowany said “I am very proud of these students’ passion and dedication to making the world a better place!”
For more on the Bucket Fillers:
To view Massoud’s video:
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