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School History And Tradition

Holy Child Catholic School officially opened in September 1994 with a student population of approximately 240 students. It has been operating in a wing of St. Dorothy School until its facility at the Humberwood Centre was built. As a new school, a conscientious effort has been made by the school community to establish a school culture.

Holy Child Catholic School has a name that is centered in the image of Jesus as a young boy and reflects the philosophy of the school and Catholic education. The name is in reference to the scripture story found in Luke 2:40:51. The story clearly shows the child Jesus as an ideal student in a religious educational context. The school's name, Holy Child, evokes the image of Jesus at an age with which the students can identify. The passage in Luke reflects a holistic philosophy where religion and education go hand-in-hand, and an emphasis placed on a healthy body and mind. The ultimate goal of this education is to find favor in the eyes of God and humankind. The school motto--"With God we grow in body and wisdom"--was chosen through the process of community consultation.

The school community chose red, white and gold as the school colours which kingship, purity and divinity. the "Like Jesus Grew" has been presently adopted as the school's theme song. The feast day is celebrated the second week in January.
Holy Child Catholic School - Main EntranceHoly Child Catholic School