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Toronto Catholic District School Board



Monthly Awards

Each Month the students participate in monthly awards.  These awards are given to students who show excellence in the following areas:


Healthy Active Lifestyle: This award is earned by a student who has demonstrates a healthy active lifestyle.  They bring healthy snacks to school during nutrition breaks and lunch.  They participate in DPA to their best ability and they are active during the day either at recess or with school clubs and teams.


Willing to Try: This award is earned by a student who has tried their best that they could for the month.  Even when they find something difficult this student still tried their best.


Follower of Jesus:  This award is earned by a student who embodies or bring to life our Catholic virtues for that month.  Their daily interactions with others, as well as those who carry our random acts of kindness on a constant basis, even when nobody is watching.


Holy Child Honour Roll

In the spirit of academic excellence, Holy Child will be recognizing the hard work and efforts of our top academic achievers. We are rewarding those students in the school whom have achieved an overall average of 80% or above with a medal per term.
A silver medal will be awarded in the first term and a gold medal will be awarded in the second (if the student has made the honour roll in both terms).


Students who are working to the best of their ability and students who are able to increase their overall average by five percent (second term) will be recognized as well.