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Holy Child Celebrates Family Day of Reflection
The grade 6 class at Holy Child participated in a beautiful and moving day of reflection recently.  The theme was "You are the Light of the World - Share your light with your family". They spent time meditating in the chapel, working on a mural as a "family", watching an inspiring video of Pope Francis, encountering Jesus through the sacrament of Reconciliation, sharing a meal and finally celebrating a class mass.  What an amazing day!!
They were joined by Father Jim from St. Benedict church.  His commitment to the day made it even more special.  Several staff members also stopped by to spend some time with us in the chapel. Not only were the students moved but I was also moved to tears at one point.  How beautiful it was to step out of our classroom, and instead spend the time getting to know each other better, praying together and having some fun together...just like a family.