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School Handbook


Parent Handbook     HC Parent Handbook 2013-14.pdfHC Parent Handbook 2013-14.pdf

School Uniform 


Litterless Lunch
Parents please make every attempt to pack your child a litterless lunch on a daily basis. I have also found it helpful that your child bring back home uneated portion of his/her lunch. This way you can monitor their eating habits. There are a number of re-usable containers that are perfect for lunches. Remember, together, we can do our part to help save our planet - reduce, reuse, recycle!
Flu and Cold Season
Please remember that the season is upon us. If your child is not feeling well, evaluate if your child enough to come to school. Please remember that sending a child to school who is running a fever and/or vomiting makes it difficult to keep the germs from spreading to other children or adults. We do have posters up reminding the students about the importance of washing their hands for at least 15 seconds using soap and warm to hot water. Let's try to keep Holy Cross as germ free as possible this winter!



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