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School History And Tradition

 Holy Cross Catholic School had its modest beginnings in 1928 in a one room portable on Mortimer Avenue in East York. In April of 1944, the first four classrooms of the present Holy Cross School opened their doors at 299A Donlands Avenue beside Holy Cross Church. From its inception to 1978, our school was closely allied with the Sisters of Notre Dame who provided Holy Cross with many of its teachers and principals. We have detailed accounts in our archives of school life at Holy Cross during those years. Holy Cross continues to revere its history and maintain its traditions while looking forward to the future in educating its students to take their place in tomorrow's society. Our school was renovated and celebrated its 60th Anniversary in September of 2004. We had a large turn out of staff and students coming back “home” as our school song states: “There is a school in our hearts; No matter where we roam; That we will always treasure; Holy Cross is home.”


Extended History 

School History Part I

School Histroy Part II