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Craft Club needs supplies!


We are pleased to announce that we will be starting a Craft Club here at Holy Name School during lunch hours. We will begin after Thanksgiving and run throughout the year. We need your help to succeed. If you have any unused craft paint, kids craft supplies (beads, yarn, fabric scraps) or any other goods that we can recycle, just bring them into the Holy Name office and Mrs. Francom and her Craft Club volunteers will whisk them away to be re-used and re-loved as new creations.
Maybe you’re tired of looking at the same old flowers around the house and want a change. Just bring those used things in. We are also looking for cleaned out glass jars (wrapped in newspaper for safety) or cleaned out tin cans that can be re-modelled into crafts. Perhaps you have old markers or broken crayons that you don’t use anymore. Please consider donating some of these items to our school Craft club. Since it’s Thanksgiving time, you might be able to ask relatives or neighbours to get in on this collection as well. (Remember never to ask a stranger though!)

Here are some of the items we would most appreciate:

Craft List

Clean glass jars
Clean tin cans
Clean Styrofoam trays used for fruit or vegetables (not previously used for meat)
Egg cartons, Cereal boxes
Beads,  Artificial flowers and leaves
Wire, Buttons, Wool
Aluminum foil pans and pie plates (clean)
Fabric pieces

Large metal washers