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About Us

Welcome to Holy Name Catholic School

Holy Name Catholic School is located on 690 Carlaw Avenue at the intersection of Pape Avenue and Danforth Avenue. The school has close to 350 students from numerous ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The school serves the Catholic Community of Holy Name Catholic Parish from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.

The school has a strong commmitment to the academic lives of our students but also fosters artistic, spiritual, and emotional qualities in its students. As a critical member in the triad of Home, School, and Church, we look forward to serving our community. For information on registering your child for you local Catholic school, please contact the main office.

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

Our Catholic schools contribute to the formation of our children in their faith life. In partnership with the home and parish, our students grow in knowledge of prayer, scripture and Catholic teaching. The following initiatives and activities represent some of the ways we intend to serve our local Catholic school community.

• Partnership with parents and the local Catholic School Advisory Council
• Liturgical Celebrations
• Faith in Action (Charitable Activities)
• Partnership with Ryerson University
• Partnership with Faculty of Education, University of Toronto
• Sacramental Celebrations
• School Performances
• Music Festival
• Athletics
• Chess
• Vocal/Instrumental Music Programs
• French as a Second Language, grades 1-8

Holy Name School values the Arts. Through them we recognize that children can learn, dream, hope and have faith. All of our students from Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 8 will experience the Arts in a very purposeful way. Through the year classes will perform and/or showcase their learning. Times and dates for these moments will be in the monthly newsletters.