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School History And Tradition

Holy Name Catholic School first opened its doors to elementary students in 1913.  The Sisters of St. Joseph were the first to teach and administer in those early days.
The original school, built in 1913 had four rooms on the main floor.  The second floor was not yet divided and served as the chapel until the basement of Holy Name Church was completed in 1914.  By 1918 eight more classrooms were added.
In 1931, two more portables were installed and in 1949 an 8 room addition was built.  To service the ever-increasing population an annex was built in 1957 and extended in 1961 to provide a total of 31 classrooms.  In 1968 the annex was joined to the main building providing a library, a gymnasium and several more classrooms.
The Holy Name community has changed over the years, from a predominantly Irish one in the early decades to a strongly Italian one in the 50's and 60's and finally to the very multicultural student body we have today.