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About Us
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
A Catholic Environment
  • God is the focal point of all Catholic education
  • School masses and liturgies take place both at school and church
  • Students regularly engage with Catholic Grade Expectations
  • Students are recognized monthy for demonstrating our Virtue of the Month 
  • Visits by clergy
  • Daily prayer in the classroom
  • Faith garden
  • Students develop a sense of worth and dignity within our community.
A Safe and Welcoming Environment
  • Safe School policy -e.g.: visitors must report to the office
  • Parents are to call the school if their child is absent or late
  • Late students must report to the office
  • Punctuality is expected
  • Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds without written permission from their parents
  • Fire drills and lockdown drill are regularly conducted
  • Staff trained Anaphylaxis and Standard First Aid
  • Safe play in the school-yard and consistent supervision routines
  • Safe School Action Team 
  • Police safety officer instruction
  • Bus routines
Code of Behaviour
  • Christian values of kindness, politeness, caring, consideration and the use of proper language are expected from all students
  • Attend classes punctually, regularly and prepared, and attempt to master the studies presented in the program
  • Show respect for members of the school community as well as school property
  • Conflict resolution procedures practised
  • Progressive Discipline 
  • Support and Intervention strategies are founded on Gospel Values 
  • SEF (School Effectiveness Framework) Key Components
  • SLIP (School Learning Improvement Plan) 
  • Each student's learning needs are addressed within the curriculum, or by modifications which ensure that each child meets his/her academic potential
  • Informal as well as formal resource assistance is available for students whose needs require a more individualized approach

Co-curricular Programs

    • Student Council
    • Me to We
    • Greener Redeemer
    • Altar Servers
    • Cross-country
    • Track and field
    • Sports
    • Science Fair
    • Outdoor Education 
    • Play Day
    • Spoken Arts
    • Book Fairs
    • Drama, Plays or Musicals
    • Chess 
    • Instrumental and Vocal Music