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Pupil Accommodation Review Update


Office of the Director of Education

March 1st, 2017
Dear Member of Holy Redeemer, St. Matthias and Our Lady of Guadalupe School Communities:
At its meeting of February 23rd, 2017, the Board approved the following recommendations with respect to the Holy Redeemer, St. Matthias and Our Lady of Guadalupe Pupil Accommodation Review process.
  1. That Holy Redeemer be consolidated at St. Matthias effective September 5, 2017;
  2. That the attendance boundaries of Holy Redeemer and St. Matthias be combined to form the new boundary for St. Matthias;
  3. That the SAL program currently located at Holy Redeemer be relocated to an appropriate site.
  4. That Our Lady of Guadalupe be consolidated at St. Matthias effective September 2020, upon completion of a new school on the St. Matthias site;
  5. That, upon consolidation of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Matthias, the amalgamated attendance boundaries form the attendance boundary for the new consolidated school;
  6. That transportation to St. Matthias be reassessed and offered in accordance with Transportation Policy and in coordination with both consolidation timelines;
  7. That the Director of Education develop a Transition Plan including timelines to facilitate both consolidations and consultation with TECT;
  8. That a business case be developed for submission to the Ministry of Education, at the next available opportunity of funding, for a 525 pupil place replacement school at St. Matthias;
  9. That a name be considered for the new school in accordance with the School Names (S.07) policy;
  10. That opportunities for enhanced programming such as French Immersion, STEM and enhanced Music at the consolidated school be assessed.
Consolidation of the Holy Redeemer students at the St. Matthias site will occur this September, 2017.  Additional motions approved by Trustees will see any portable needs satisfied with newer portable classrooms that will offer Wi-Fi capability and air conditioning.  A further motion by Trustee Del Grande was approved and adopted as follows:
“Be it also resolved, that with the additional number of students the opportunity exist to introduce at least one special program such as French (Immersion), gifted, arts and STEM. This introduction with community input to be in place for 2018-2019 school year.”
Providing paving to the school yard and preparation of proper basketball court areas was requested by the PAR committee members and staff are currently taking steps to satisfy this request.  Additional information will be provided through the Transition Planning process.    
A Transition Committee comprised of Board and school staff, including representatives from both school communities, will be established to guide the planning process.  The top priority of all those involved throughout this transition is the well-being of the children in our care. School communities will be kept informed and updated about the planning process as it unfolds and becomes more defined.
As noted in recommendation #8 above, a business case requesting funding of a new 525 pupil place school on the St. Matthias site has been submitted to the Ministry.  The Board is awaiting the decision of the Ministry which is anticipated in the Spring of 2017.
We thank the many parents, community members, students, and staff representatives who participated in the accommodation review discussions. Your dedication and commitment to Catholic education in the City of Toronto is appreciated. We look forward to your continued involvement throughout the transition process as we work together to nurture the development of this school community in order to better meet the needs of students and families into the future.


Angela Gauthier
Director of Education

CC.   Rory McGuckin, Associate Director of Academic Affairs
         Angelo Sangiorgio, Associate Director of Planning and Facilities
         Peter Aguiar, Superintendent of Education 
         Michael Del Grande, Trustee
         Angela Kennedy, Trustee and Chair of the Board 
         Members of the Accommodation Review Committee