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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Principal's Message
On behalf of Holy Rosary staff, students and school community, I would like to welcome you  to our school.  As principal of Holy Rosary Catholic School I am honoured and excited to be working at such a thriving school with a long tradition and history. 
The purpose of education is to provide each and every student with the opportunity to develop and to realize an individual vision of life success. 
Each student, while having his or her own unique needs and background, has limitless potential.  For the entire duration of that student’s formative years, the development and direction of that potential is, along with family, church, and the broader community, the responsibility of the education system.  We have an inestimably important role to play: instilling the building blocks—the knowledge, confidence, dignity, courage, hope, moral sensibility and faith—to allow students to be the architects of their own success, and, in setting out in search of that success, to become responsible, tolerant, and active citizens making a positive contribution to society. 
At Holy Rosary, we are proud to offer a curriculum rigorous enough to provide students with the essential skills of literacy and numeracy: the foundational tools for lifelong learning and success.  Our curriculm is also flexible enough to account for students’ diverse needs and learning styles in order to make those crucial tools accessible to all and to foster a love of learning.  The Ontario curriculum offers opportunities for success for all while recognizing that educational success may be different for each student.  In order to do so, our teaching and learning remain dynamic, evolving and relevant, yet rooted in Gospel values.  Students see themselves and their beliefs reflected in the curriculum, and in return, the curriculum enables the continuing development of that individuality and faith.  
I speak for all staff at Holy Rosary when I say that we are honoured to be entrusted with the opportunity to provide a welcoming, healthy and safe environment for all students.  We embrace the vocation of Catholic education, supporting students as they pursue academic, social and spiritual growth. 
We look forward to working together with famiiles to develop leaders of tomorrow. 
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