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School History And Tradition
Holy Rosary SchoolHoly Rosary Catholic School is located next to Holy Rosary Church in midtown Toronto. Both the school and the church serve a dynamic and diverse community that includes neighbourhoods of varied socio-economic strata as well as people from many ethno-cultural backgrounds.

The cornerstone of the original Holy Rosary Church was laid on May 8, 1892. At that time a large Irish Catholic community was settling in the St. Clair - Bathurst area. The original school was built in 1921 and had an enrolment of 83 students in its first year. Additions to the original school structure were made in 1963 and 1973.
Holy Rosary
Holy Rosary Catholic School, in 2014 with its 220 students, stands in marked contrast to the school in 1921.
Holy Rosary is named after ‘Our Lady of Rosary’ whose feast day is celebrated every October 7th.  The Rosary is also known as the Psalter of Mary because 150 Hail Marys correspond to the number of psalms in the bible.  The Rosary is a form of prayer originating sometime in the 12th or 13th century, in which fifteen decades of Hail Marys are recited using beads as counters while meditating on a sequence of Mysteries associated with the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  In 2003 Pope John Paul II added 5 mysteries to the rosary which honour additional moments in Christ’s life.  These new mysteries are called the mysteries of Light, or Luminous Mysteries.