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Photo of students in their purple graduation robes standing outside the school hall, with the teachers on the side, posing for a group photo.
Holy Rosary Catholic School has a long standing history of academic excellence. Our staff is dedicated to educating our students to reach their full potential. The staff engages in ongoing professional development to enhance teaching and learning.

Our Core Program consists of:

  • Language
  • Math
  • Social Studies OR History / Geography
  • Core French
  • Science
  • Religion + Family Life
  • Physical Education + Health
  • Arts: Visual Arts; Music (Vocal or Band); Dance and Drama

French Immmersion

Our French Immersion program is currently running in blended Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes in 2015-2016 and will grow by one grade each year. French Immersion Instruction is entirely in French until the end of grade 2; English-language instruction is added in grade 3, and students will receive one hour of English instuction in grades 3 and 4. From grade 5 to grade 8, instruction is given 50 per cent in French, 50 per cent in English.

To learn more specifically what your child should be learning in each grade, please look at the Ontario Ministry of Education website. Here you will find Ontario Curriculum documents for each grade and subject area and supplementary resources to support learning at home.

Here are some other helpful websites to assist parents and caregivers: