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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Star Students


We will be celebrating students of the month in three categories: Virtue, Healthy Active Living and Academic Effort.   Each recipient will recieve a certificate that will be awarded at a monthly celebration.  We have also set up a board in the main office where the names of each student will be posted for the month in each category.


We hope that the students will be excited and motivated by these awards! 


Virtue of the Month

A student who exemplifies the monthly virtue in their interactions with peers and the school community, or in their extra-curricular pursuits.



Healthy Active Living

 A student who actively and enthusiastically participates in physical activity during DPA, phys ed, recess or school sports.  May also be a student who makes and effort to eat healthy and bring healthy lunches and snacks to school. 



Academic Effort

A student who has made a commitment to his/her academics through the month, showing individual growth and improvement, meeting individual learning goals.  This award is not meant to recognize high achievement, rather a student who is working to their full potential and showing passion and excitement for learning.