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Toronto Catholic District School Board

EQAO Assessments (Pri./Jr.)eqao.bmp

The EQAO Results are coming home and you will want to know some things about EQAO:


1. What do the results mean?
Level 1 – 50% - 59% or a “D” ;
Level 2 – 60% - 69% or a “C”
Level 3 – 70% - 79% or a “B” ;
Level 4 – 80% - 100% or a “A” 
2. Do the results count on student’s report cards?
Grades 3 and 6 tests do not count as part of a student’s mark or progress.  
3. When are results available to parents?
Results are available to parents in the fall. Results are forwarded to the new
school for students who have changed schools since writing the tests. 
4. How can I get more information?
Follow this link:



For more information and a history of EQAO results at Epiphany, click this link:  EPIPHANY EQAO HISTORICAL RESULTS


For school results for 2013-2014, please click this Link:


Epiphany EQAO Results 2013-14 (EQAO website)eqao2.bmp

Epiphany School Report 2013-14.pdfEpiphany School Report 2013-14.pdf


The document below is a guide for parents to reference in order to better understand what the EQAO Assessment is and what it is not.  Click the link below: ​


EQAO 3 and 6.jpg