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Toronto Catholic District School Board

The academic program at Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy includes religious instruction, family life programs, and values education, provide students with a firm foundation in their faith development.  As well, all curriculum areas, as outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education are incorporated daily:  Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies (Personal and Social Development for Kindergarten; Geography and History for grades 7 and 8), Physical and Health Education, French (Core for grades 1 to 8), and The Arts (Visual, Drama, Music).  Our music program includes both vocal music (JK to grade 5) and instrumental (strings) music (grades 6 to 8) programs.

Our curriculum programs incorporate the principles and methods that accommodate various learning readiness, needs and interests, as well as the different backgrounds, of all the students in the community.  In order to meet the wide-ranging needs of individual students, teachers continue to learn about and use “differentiated instruction” strategies within the regular classroom in order to provide appropriate programs to accommodate differentiated learning styles.  Special programs support for students with specific and exceptional needs are offered as well, within small group settings and sometimes in neighbouring schools when a more intensive support programme is required - essentially, we will do all we can to allow a student to be successful and achieve!
Technology Initiatives   (2012-2015)
With the support of our community partner, Renewed Computer Technology Ontario (RCTO), we will upgrade our Technology Lab and every classroom in the school so that we are oRCTLogo.jpgn the cutting edge of 21st Century learning. This will be accomplished with little or no cost to the school and to the CSAC.
We will further develop and expand an exemplary practice to foster reading initiatives linked to new technologies - with an ear to what students are asking for and to support good sound pedagogy, we will meet the needs of our students by providing laptops that can be borrowed one-week at a time for students to take home and use.  
Our technology initiatives allow our students to engage, have fun, and "grow up with technology".   The games are educational, imaginative, engaging, challenging, and everyone will want to try the games - why? - and digital comics and digital graphic novel are also available. This technological endeavour promises to be exciting, fun, and a jumpstart to more creative and thoughtful endeavours in the higher grades.  Where do you want to go today?
For our older students, we have asked, we listened, and we have responded! The old "computer lab" has been retro-fitted and co-created into a "Student Computer Lounge" where students can engage in collaborative, creative, innovative, and thought-provoking initiatives.  The lounge is based loosely on the Google Corp. offices in California and Apple Offices in San Francisco and fittingly considered the "third teacher" - The Student Computer Lounge is a new direction for elementary students.  It will be the focal point for new directions and initiatves.  We're putting our money and pedagogy right in plain sight for all to see ... and the results speak for themselves.  Don't believe it, ask the staff - Better still, ask the students!  
For 2014-2015, for our interemediate students, one goal is to continue to engage them in "self-directed learning" opportunities - also known as "independent learning" ... yep, that's right, just like high school and post-secondary students do.  
21st_Century_Trilling.jpgThis is an exciting initiative and it involves a lot of complex and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.  It starts with our technology being top-notch and our facilities being warm, welcoming, conducive to tomorrow's learners, not yesterday's students. 
Our entire staff have to be the best - they are not solely educators, but rather they are instructional leaders, coaches, and life-long learners themselves. 
We will edeavour to incorporate the best of PC innovation with that of the latest technologies.  We will also continue to explore other community partnerships within our community - all in an effort to keep costs down and opportunities up and learning top of the charts! 
Won't you join us on this venture to educate tomorrow's leaders? - No, this is not just a catchy phrase; we really need you to join us along the path to tomorrow.  Can you help? Have a company? Have a service? Have a product? If you think the students at Epiphany can benefit from what you're offering, call and ask to speak to the Principal - He's always willing to listen especially when you make an offer and the words FREE, NO CHARGE, or NO STRINGS ATTACHED are used!  Thank you! 
If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come out with anything original. – Sir Ken Robinson
All children are born artists; the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up. – Pablo Picasso