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Progress Report (November 2014)progress report.bmp


The fall Progress Report places a very strong emphasis on the development of students' LEARNING SKILLS and WORK HABITS. Students' achievement of six Learning Skills and Work Habits are shown on the front page of the Progress Report. These are:


(1) Responsibility              (2) Organization           (3) Independent Work 

(4) Collaboration               (5) Initiative                  (6) Self-Regulation


The development of these skills and habits will be reported as "excellent", "good", "satisfactory" or "needs improvement" and a large space is provided for teacher comments about students' strengths and areas for improvement.


Ministry of Education policy places an emphasis on teachers using the Progress Report as a stepping stone to conduct rich discussions and proactive interviews or conferences with parents and/or students at this time.  This is an opportunity to help establish or further strengthen a positive tone for the remainder of the year. 



Please note that the Progress Report Card is an assessment and no evaluation mark or specific strand is indicated or required.
Growing Success Policy: (page 64): “In the Case of the Elementary Progress Report Cards, it is not necessary for teachers to comment on all subjects/strand in the space provided for comments.”



For more detail and some information, click on the Progress Report Family Guide link below:


Progress Report Family Guide.pdfProgress Report Family Guide.pdf 



Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences* (Interviews) parents involved2.jpg
will take place on:


Thursday November 13 ... 6:00 - 8:00 PM


Friday November 14 ... 9:00 - 11:30 AM


*Interview Forms come home with the Progress Report Card on November 10th


For more information, click below to take you to the TCDSB site on Report Cards:


Those parents who wish to dialogue with the teacher (in person or via telephone), are most welcome, at any time, to contact the school to make an appointment with the teacher. 


Videos to Learn more about School Reports

Ontario Provincial Report Card (February and June)  report card.bmp
The Report Card (Progress Report and Ontario Provincial Report Card) will be given to students three times a year, in the fall, in the spring, and in June. It reflects the Learning Skills, Work Habits, and Curriculum Expectations for each term. This means that the June Report Card reflects the curriculum expectations of the third term only and not for the entire year. For each reporting period, the mark or grade given identifies the most consistent level of achievement of your child for the subject or strand. This achievement is based on a variety of assessments of the skills and knowledge of the curriculum expectations.
The Ontario Provincial Report Card indicates for parents how well their children are progressing in all the subjects and provides indication of those subjects where the student may need additional help. The marks are indicative of much, but the interview process is still a valuable tool to allow for students to further achieve success.
The following are some points to consider when reading the Ontario Provincial Report Card. 
When reporting on Knowledge and Understanding, you may see such words:
Level 1:  rather limited understanding/knowledge
Level 2:  somewhat limited understanding/knowledge
Level 3:  considerable/good understanding/knowledge
Level 4:  solid/thorough understanding/knowledge
When reporting on Thinking, Communication and Application, you may see such words:
Level 1:  limited effectiveness
Level 2:  some effectiveness
Level 3:  considerable effectiveness
Level 4:  high degree of effectiveness
You can also do to the Ministry of Education website at:
In general, when reading your child’s report card, you will see wording as such:
Level 1: with plenty of reminders, with increased assistance, with constant teacher supervision,   
               limited understanding, struggles with, requires remedial assistance, marginal progress
Level 2: with some reminders, with less teacher supervision, a basic understanding,
               requires more care, use time more effectively, moderate progress 
Level 3:  good understanding, readily able to, uses time effectively, attentive to details,
                demonstrates appropriate behaviour and understanding, good progress,
Level 4:  confidently, thorough, solid understanding, effectively uses, consistently, accurately,
                intuitively, always displays a readiness to, easily uses, excellent/very good progress
Part of the Ontario Provincial Report Card is a section that reflects on Strengths/Next Steps.  This section focuses on some overall areas (expectations) that:  are strengths for your child; is an area for your child to begin to work on; is an area for your child to further develop and strengthen/improve; or is an area which needs to be more evident and/or more readily and explicitly demonstrated in class on a day-to-day basis.
Some comments you may see at each level of achievement in this area are:
Level 1:   lacking independent skills and initiative to organize work, inability to fully complete
                assignments, inattentive during discussions, needs to develop better work habits,
                stronger comprehension skills will develop by reading every night, take greater  
                initiative and ownership for own personal learning
Level 2:  slowly developing some independent skills and some initiative to organize work,
               inconsistently completes assignments, loses focus and attention during discussions, work      
               habits are gradually improving, continues to improve reading skills
Level 3: independent skills are steadily developing and is demonstrating initiative in daily work,
              regularly completes assignments, is attentive during discussions and work habits are  
              good, reading skills are well developed, continues reading for pleasure to further  
              expand sight vocabulary & strengthen comprehension skills
Level 4:  very co-operative and responsible, conscientious worker, effectively uses time to
              complete work, demonstrates plenty of motivation, personal initiative, very good work
              habits, reading skills are extremely well developed, reads without being told, reads to
              further expand and strengthen vocabulary base and comprehension skills