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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Dress Code at Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy
The Toronto Catholic District School Board has implemented a common dress code in all elementary schools. Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy’s Appropriate Dress Code came into effect well before all other schools in TCDSB adopted this policy. tcdsb school uniform.jpg
All TCDSB Elementary Schools currently have the following combination of tops and bottoms with the same colour scheme:
Navy Blue: pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, dresses, cargo/capri pants, sweaters, hoodies, fleeces, cardigans. This does not include: track pants, sweat pants, tights, nylon pants, leggings, athletic pants, jeans, jeggings, yoga pants/tights.
White: golf shirts, blouses, dress shirts, turtle necks, mock turtle necks
This does not include T-shirts or any shirts with logos or messages of any kind (other than Epiphany spirit wear)
The Appropriate Dress Code Policy calls for clothes items that navy and white - not baby blue, nor any other shades of blue or off-white or beige. These items are not to have any graphics, unless it is the Epiphany of Our Lord Academy crest (spirit wear) or a TCDSB crest. If in the past, you have purchased an Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy vest, hoodies, or sweat top, your child would definitely still be encouraged to wear it especially during the colder months of the year or during physical education classes.
virtues tshirt.png 
On days when we have "CASUAL DAYS", students can wear their very own TCDSB VIRTUE T-SHIRTS (either Blue or Pink).  If a uniform shirt is in the wash, we will permit the use of the Virtue shirt for the day.
Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy Spirit Wear 
Beginning in the 2014 - 2015 school year, accessory clothing items will be sold (hoodies, sweatshirts) to provide students an opportunity to wear such items on colder days - and still comply with our Appropriate Dress Policy. 
NEWS FLASH ... Students can purchase some items - Baseball caps (red, white, or blue), water bottles (not shown) all with the Epiphany Huskies Logo. [Ball caps= $5, Water Bottles=$5]
HUSKY HOUSES (Coming January 2015)
Husky Shirts will be available ... Order forms will be going home in November 2014 ... Students can order according to which HUSKY HOUSE they below to - RED/WHITE, WHITE/RED,BLUE/WHITE, and WHITE/BLUE
Huskies wear.jpg 
Dress Code in TCDSB Elementary Schools 
For more details about the TCDSB policy, please visit: