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School History and Tradition

Holy Spirit Catholic School is built on a 3.08-acre site behind Holy Spirit Church. It opened in September 1961 with 498 students. Surrounded by fields to the north, east and west as far as eye could see, Holy Spirit was the only Catholic school north of Highway 401 and east of Bayview.
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Holy Spirit School has a history of striving for excellence in serving students form junior kindergarten to grade 8 in the Catholic community. The school serves the community in the area bounded by Huntingwood to the north, Pharmacy to the west, highway 401 to the south and Kennedy to the east. School buses run along four different routes to transport children to the school each day.
A plethora of exemplary practices has become established over the years: e.g., the safe arrival program, flower day for first communicants, celebration with the confirmed, awards at monthly divisional assemblies, athletics, environmental responsiveness, volunteers' luncheon, seniors' tea and “NBC” for non-violent body contact. Staff, students and parents collaborate to maintain a positive and nurturing environment at Holy Spirit Catholic School.
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