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Catholic School Parents Council

Holy Spirit has a very active and involved CSPC.  This group meets once a month to organize a variety of activities and support school initiatives.  Included in their endeavors in past years are: The Terry Fox Run,  Carnival,  Dance-a-thon, and Graduation.  

We thank the previous CSPC members for all their hard work and committment to making our Holy Spirit community the amazing place it is. 

This hardworking and dedicated group welcomes all parents at  our Holy Spirit CS monthly meetings, and invites you to become part of the CSPC. 

We are happy to announce the members of our 2021- 2022 CSPC:


Co-chairs:  Miranda Dempsey-Plante

Treasurer: Mary Tabar
Secretary: Ruth Zvemhara
Non-Teaching Rep: Kim Henderson
Teaching Rep: -- unfilled position this year
Member at Large: ​Josephina Silomen
Community Rep: -- unfilled position this year

Holy Spirit By-Laws 2018.docHoly Spirit By-Laws 2018.doc