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 About Us  

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

The diverse needs of the students at Immaculate Conception are met in a variety of ways. They are as follows:

•    A Catholic environment
•    Safe, welcoming environment
•    Curriculum initiatives
•    Modification of curriculum
•    Co-curricular programs

A Catholic environment

•    School masses
•    Class celebrations
•    Staff day of reflection
•    Student retreats
•    Religion and family life programs
•    Bibles, religion texts, posters, records, tapes videos, filmstrips, statues
•    Prayer concerns in classrooms
•    Staff as role models
•    Integration of religion into all areas of the curriculum
•    Observing feast days
•    Lent/Advent programs
•    Food and fund-raising activities for charity
•    Ministry courses in religion for staff

A safe and welcoming environment

•    Safe arrival program
•    Well maintained, clean building
•    Halls decorated
•    Helpful students and staff
•    Monthly event board outside office
•    Parent volunteers
•    Student teachers
•    Ongoing communication with parents
•    Meet the teacher night