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School History And Tradition

Immaculate Conception Catholic SchoolImmaculate Conception Catholic School opened its doors in September 1961 to 221 students and eight teachers. The first principal was Patrick Smith, who was replaced part way through the first year by Elizabeth Lawlor. In 1967, an addition to the school was completed. It included a gymnasium with change rooms, an equipment room, six new classrooms, additional office space and a storage room.

The feast of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated on December 8. It was proclaimed an official feast day in 1854 by Pope Pius XII. It honours the Virgin Mary and the fact that, out of all the women in history, God chose her to be the mother of His own Son, Jesus.

The school motto, as represented on the school crest--"courage, dedication, discipline and skill"--was developed by a former teacher in 1967. These are qualities the staff, students and parents work very hard to achieve.