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MusiCounts’ BandAid Program Recipients


We are pleased to announce that our school has received a $10,000 grant from MusiCounts as part of their Band Aid Grant Program. 

On Wednesday May, 30 students at Immaculate Conception were surprised by representatives from MusicCounts, as well as members of KidzBop, who unveiled some of the instruments the school will be receiving as part of the grant. 

Immaculate Conception will receive instruments that will enable them to build a percussion and guitar program at the school. Some of the instruments include: acoustic guitars, djembes, cajons, ambplifiers, an acoustic bass, as well as grant money to repair existing instruments at the school. 

Each year, the MusiCounts Band Aid Program provides instruments in $5,000 or $10,000 increments to schools whose music programs are in need of support to ensure their sustained growth.
Our community is grateful to MusicCounts for their generosity. Special thanks to the TCDSB Partnership Development office for their support with our grant application.



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