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About Us

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

One of the key elements in meeting the needs of the students in each class is to know the ability of each student. A variety of expectations for each student, is established by the teacher based on the student's abilities.

Students with special needs are considered by the school-based support team which meets with the classroom teacher to make program recommendations for these students. If further assistance is required, the student's case is reviewed at a joint team meeting. Further information from assessments may be obtained. Students' cases may be referred to the identification, placement and review committee process. At this time needs are formally identified and special class placement recommendations are made. Immaculate Heart of Mary serves many children with very special needs. There is a commitment to serving all students within their community school whenever possible.

Students participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities such as W5H, an academic competition for junior and intermediate students, school choir and the sports programs which include junior and senior volleyball, basketball, baseball, cross-country and track and field.

The primary division staff have activity days for their students on themes of Halloween and Christmas.

Before the season of Lent the entire school enjoys the activities of a winter carnival, “Bon Homme Carnival”. In June the entire school enjoys an activity day which involves many physical activities.

Teachers give generously of their time to ensure that co-curricular activities are available to students.