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School History And Tradition

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School was opened by the Metropolitan Separate School Board (now Toronto Catholic District School Board) in April, 1959. This new school relieved the overcrowding which had occurred at St. Dunstan and St. Theresa Shrine Catholic Schools during a period of rapid growth. Being adjacent to Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, it was given the same title. The Vincentian Fathers, who are responsible for the parish, honour the blessed Virgin in a special way under the title of Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Immaculate Heart Of Mary Catholic School
The first principal, Sr. St. Andrea Marie, C.N.D. was appointed from the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame who were teaching Sunday school in the parish at the time. Principals continued to be drawn from the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame until the appointment of Keith Currie, the first lay principal, in May, 1971.

The relationships between the parish and school community have always between strong and positive. Before his retirement in June, 1994, Father Wolbang showed great interest in the school. Father Albert continues this interest in the school community.