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About Us

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How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

James Cardinal McGuigan, a school founded by the order of the Franciscan Fathers, is committed to Catholic education. Education is the process though which our students develop an awareness of themselves, of their responsibilities to others, and of their role in the community. Catholic education is an extension of this, whereby students learn a way of living which embodies the life of Christ.

Thus, Catholic education is the focus for our chaplaincy team, our religious studies department and our guidance department. Programs and activities which enable students to develop a sense of self-worth and of their responsibility to society are implemented throughout the school year. Our peer ministry and peer tutoring programs develop students' skills in conflict resolution, social interaction and independent and creative thought.

Career education is also an integral part of the learning experience. Students are assisted in making important career and post-secondary education decisions through:
• Career counseling
• Career exhibits/presentations
• Job shadowing
• Interest inventories
• Cooperative education

Each grade level receives an individualized career education program in order that students may acquire lifelong career decision-making skills.

In addition to our academic program, the individual needs of our students are met in a variety of ways:
• Access to gifted programs
• Access to special education programs
• Access to ESL programs
• Access to computer education
• Access to peer tutors

The spirit of community within the school is enhanced by co-curricular activities ranging from discipline-related clubs such as business and art to athletic and non-athletic programs such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, mock-trial, drama and chess.

Our goal as a community is to provide our students with an environment that is conducive to spiritual and intellectual growth. This internal strength and discipline, coupled with the knowledge and skills acquired, will enable our students to meet the challenges of a complex society in a confident and responsible manner.

The Advanced Credit Experience Program (ACE)
The Advance Credit Experience (ACE) is a new and exciting program at James Cardinal McGuigan for the past four years. Cardinal McGuigan is the only school in the Toronto Catholic District School Board to offer the program. In partnership with York University, the ACE Program provides opportunities for grade 12 students to gain exposure to higher education so that they can concretely experience some of the benefits of choosing to pursue a post-secondary education. The program allows students to be a part of an environment that is supportive, nurturing, values critical thinking and personal growth, and is designed to ensure success and build confidence. ACE is aimed at students who show the academic potential for university or college but who, due to systemic barriers, may lack either the confidence or the resources to proceed.--More
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