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The Breakfast Club

The JCM Breakfast Club began as a VISION inspired by the memorable World Youth Day events during the summer of 2002. Our beloved Pope John Paul II called us forward to become “the salt of the earth and the light of the world”. A small group of VOLUNTEER staff and students answered this call and we joined together to form the JCM Breakfast Club Program Committee. This year we proudly celebrate our fourth anniversary!

The volunteers dedicated their time before and after school to develop an action plan to transform our VISION into a VIABLE PROGRAM. Teachers began to see the great merits of this alternative extra-curricular activity. Dedicated students also volunteer their personal time as this program is not at all connected to any school course curriculum. As well, students are able to gain valuable community service hours to meet their graduation requirements because all activities are before and after school.

Together volunteer staff and students perform all of the necessary tasks on a daily basis. We serve breakfast between 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the cafeteria throughout the school year. Our special thanks go to the staff in the school cafeteria who have been extremely supportive.

Many of our students come to school each day without having breakfast. The goal of our program is to provide a nutritious and hot-cooked breakfast to all of our school community on a regular basis. As statistics have shown, students who start their day with nutritious food, have a greater chance of succeeding academically.

Since the start of our program, we have been successful in improving student nutrition. Above and beyond this, we have seen a great improvement in our sense of school community. Staff and students have been able to build stronger, and more positive, relationships as we interact together outside of the “classroom setting”.

Our program could not continue without the regular donations we receive from local community organizations. In particular, our sincere thanks go to our local business partners Chos Specialized Embroidery, Happy Bagel, and Pita Break. They support our program by offering us discounted rates for their products and services. As well, our thanks go to all who have made personal monetary donations which help with the daily grocery expenses. Many thanks also go to The Angel Foundation For Learning and Breakfast For Learning because it was their support which helped us transform our VISION into reality.

Together, we all celebrated another successful year at the Fourth Annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet held in June. Without our dedicated VOLUNTEERS the program could not continue. Thank-you to them for their hard work and thank-you to the entire JCM community for your continued support!