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About the L.E.E.D. Program
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Under the guidance of teachers, James Cardinal McGuigan High School has created an experiential education course for youth. The program is intended to increase opportunities for youth involving experiential education opportunities and leadership training. The class consists of students from grade eleven providing mentorship for the grade tens. The grade eleven and twelve students will earn two credits from the L.E.E.D. program of which they can apply to university or college entrance.

As part of the overall curriculum, L.E.E.D. provides four trips, two wilderness canoe trips and two winter camping excursions. The canoe trips (one in September and one in June) will take place in Haliburton, Ontario and will be guided by Camp Wanakita’s well-trained staff (Camp Wanakita website). The focus of the trips will be on helping youth recognize their capabilities and individual strengths in order to develop a better sense of themselves. Staff will also work with campers to develop interpersonal skills, including cooperation, problem solving, respect and trust.

In addition to the trips, L.E.E.D. also offers leadership through a cooperative work opportunity. Throughout the semester, the students are asked to participate in a placement at four local elementary schools. For two hours every week the students plan and implement cooperative games for the elementary grades. It is at the schools that the students gain important interpersonal, planning, and conflict resolution skills.

And finally, as part of our final culminating experiential experience, students that are part of L.E.E.D. have the opportunity to plan and operate a major event at our school. This year the two events include the successful Hoop-it-Up Tournament held in December of every year and a June Youth Awards Show. These events provide ample evidence of the spirit and leadership at James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School.