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Ontario Pro-Con Debating Forum Championship


On Saturday, April 27 this year the Ontario Pro-Con Debating Forum held its championship final at James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School in the TCDSB. The debating league, which is one of the oldest in the province established in 1960, brought together high school teams from Catholic, public and independent schools. Known for its cross-examination format of debate, the tournament specifically, and the league generally, encourages students to develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills. Congratulations to all schools that sent teams to the finals after four very competitive league tournaments throughout the year. Here are the top teams and individual performances from the tournament.
Novice Division:
First: St. Robert’s CHS
Second: Cardinal McGuigan Swing Team
Third: Bloor Collegiate
Top debater: Rebecca Geng, St. Robert’s
Junior Division:
First: St. Robert’s CHS
Second: Senator O’Connor College School
Third: Michael Power-St. Joseph’s CHS
Fourth: Bloor Collegiate
Top debater: Alexander Lynch, MPSJ
Senior Division:
First: St. Robert’s CHS
Second: De La Salle College “Oaklands”
Third: Bloor Collegiate
Fourth: Senator O’Connor College School
Top debater: Rosie Burke, Bloor Collegiate
We would especially like to thank our volunteer judges, teachers, and parents for offering their time to make such a tournament possible. In particular, thanks to our coaches, who continue to give our students the opportunity to test themselves through competitive debating. We look forward to another exciting year of Pro-Con debate come next September.


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