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About Us
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
The students at James Culnan receive excellent Christian modeling that helps nurture the spiritual lives of the members of our community. We believe that our school must have a safe and welcoming school environment. This objective is implemented through our safe arrival program as well as through our revised discipline policies.

During this school year, the staff has been focused on improving student achievement, particulalry in the area of literacy.  Teachers have been working within their divisions and attending meetings with other staff members to review strategies and assessments. 
Toronto Catholic School Board Mission 
At Toronto Catholic we transform the world through witness, faith, innovation and action.
We believe...

• in the worth and dignity of every person
• in the critical role that our Catholic schools play in promoting Gospel values, social justice,
  environmental responsibility, human solidarity and the common good
• that high standards and expectations foster greater achievement
• that people thrive in a safe, healthy and compassionate environment
• that teaching is responsive to individual needs
• that teaching and learning should be rooted in research and evidence
• that each of us shares responsibility for creating collaborative communities of learning
• that equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusivity are integral to the Catholic community
• that the 21st century fluencies of  digital literacy,  creativity, innovation and collaboration are

Our vision of Catholic education invites each one of us– parents, students, teachers, principals, chaplains, support staff, trustees, clergy, supervisory personnel — to work together as a community of believers committed to putting the values of our faith into practice in the daily life of the school, the home, and in all of society. 

(Fulfilling the Promise , Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario)

To apply  Catholic Social Teachings to  all that we do:

• Students will be instructed in a curriculum that is rooted in Gospel values and informed by the
  Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations
• Staff and trustees will participate in ongoing faith development through liturgical celebrations
   and opportunities for spiritual retreats
• Parents will be supported in their integral role of nurturing the relationship between home, school
   and parish
• Senior Team and Trustees will develop decision-making processes and ensure setting policy
   priorities  that reflect Catholic social values - (e.g. stewardship of God’s creation, option for the
   poor and vulnerable etc.) 

To support our students’ ability to apply critical and innovative thinking in all subjects we will:

• Use teaching and learning strategies that have proven results to provide students opportunities
   to become: discerning believers, effective communicators, reflective thinkers, self-directed
   learners, collaborative contributors, caring family members and responsible citizens*
• Employ a variety of instructional strategies  ensure that individual learning needs are
   accommodated and to engage students fully in learning
• Increase investments in technology to  better support  digital literacy, creativity, innovation
  collaboration  and the overall needs and aspirations of all students 
To create equitable learning environments for all students we will:
• Provide all students with equal access to learning and technology and strive to close the
  opportunity gap so that the most vulnerable students achieve their full potential
• Strive to ensure that the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of all students are
• Strive to ensure all students are eating nutritionally and are physically fit
• Provide all students with safe, healthy learning environments