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A Prayer for the School Year

God our Father, we thank you for our learning power, our ability to love, to work, to laugh. Let us enjoy these gifts as we use them. Let us use them to help other as you helped us. God our Father, we thank you for the talents you have given our parents, our teachers, and all those who help us learn.

May we give thanks for the privilege of coming to James Culnan Catholic School. Let us pray that we may grow as a community of brothers and sisters through friendship and faith in God.


Students are responsible for the care and return of all library materials borrowed. Parents we ask your assistance in this matter. We realize it is very easy to forget to return a book. There are no late charges only charges for books lost, books vandalized or books destroyed. Boys and Girls, please take care of the books you borrow from our Library.
School Yard Safety Reminders
  • The following activities are not allowed: Wrestling, Tackle Football, British Bulldog and Throwing of Snowballs
  • The following are not allowed: Fighting, Swearing, Inappropriate Remarks (Racial, Sexual, Obscene)
  • Threatening behaviour is bullying. Bullies are not welcome at James Culnan. Do not become a bully!
Safety Rules
The streets in our school community are very busy. It is extremely important that everyone follows the safety rules listed below:

1. Look all ways before crossing the street.
2. Never play near parked cars-especially in the teacher’s parking lot.
3. Play games in a safe place away from traffic.
4. Drive your bike safely. Obey all the traffic signs. Obey all the traffic signals.
5. Walk when you leave the curb.
6. Do not run to the school bus. Teachers on duty will walk you to the waiting busses.
7. Do not run between parked school buses.
8. While waiting for the bus to take you to school, remember you are a student at James Culnan.
9. Play smart.
10. Stay safe.
Safety Tips for our Students
Children should:
  • memorize their phone number at home and of a neighbour
  • know their name: first and last, age, address, and city
  • go places with friends

Children should be reminded:

  • never approach or enter a stranger's car
  • never open the door to a stranger
  • never say they are alone if they answer the phone
  • never let strangers in the house
  • never accept gifts from strangers
  • never enter anyone's home or car without permission from parents
  • Use these numbers for assistance or to report suspicious people or behaviours:
    - Toronto Police Service Radio Room 416-808-2222
    - Emergency Help 911

Let us work continue working together to protect our children from harm and give them the confidence to deal with situations that they may encounter.


Cold And Flu
Students are reminded to wash their hands frequently to avoid spreading germs. If you are ill, please take some time to get well at home. We want you to work at your full potential while you are at school; you cannot do this if you are ill. Let's work together for a healthy school environment.
Weather Advisories

James Culnan Catholic School is a part of Toronto Catholic District School Board. Transportation cancellations are always announced through the local media. Please listen to cancellation updates on the local radio stations. You may also wish to call the School Board's Information Hot Line at 416-222-8282 extension 2873.
Safe Arrival Policy
The Safe Arrival Policy is a system of procedures that enable the school to verify a student's absence or lateness with the parent or guardian. These procedures are a critical part of the daily attendance taking practices at James Culnan Catholic School.
  • Parents are asked to call the school at (416) 393-5325 before 8:30 a.m. and leave a message when their child will be absent or late. If there are other children from the same family attending the school, a note from the parent/guardian regarding the child's absence is acceptable.
  • Parents/guardians and caregivers must provide the school with complete and current emergency contact information. Please update this information throughout the year as necessary.
  • All parents of students whose absences are unexplained are contacted by telephone.
  • If contact cannot be made, or if there are concerns about a student, the principal will determine whether to call the emergency numbers.
  • Students who are late arriving for school must check in at the office and pick up their attendance card before proceeding to their classrooms.
  • The school social worker will be informed of all students with numerous unexplained absences or late arrivals. The parent will be contacted and a case conference held at the school to assess the problem. Each case will be considered on its own merits.
Bus Safety

Students are expected to follow established safety routines and behavioural expectations while lining up to wait for a bus, boarding a bus, riding a bus and leaving a bus. These include:
  • Being on time and lining up in an orderly fashion in the designated area.
  • Boarding in single file.
  • Remaining seated while the bus is in motion and facing the front of the bus.
  • Wearing seatbelts when provided.
  • Obeying the driver and teachers at all times.
  • Engaging in polite, quiet conversation.
  • Not distracting drivers of other vehicles in any way.
  • Not eating or drinking on the bus.
  • Using the assigned buses and bus stops.

Students are expected to behave safely while on or around a bus. Students are responsible to the principal, as well as the bus driver, for their conduct on the bus. A warning of suspension of bus privileges will be issued after three pink slips. Cumulative irresponsible behaviour will result in a suspension of bus privileges, out of concern for the safety of all.


Early Dismissal

Students who must leave the school earlier than 3 p.m. dismissal must bring a note from their parents/guardians requesting early dismissal.  Parents must sign their children out in the sign-out book at the office. Students will be called to come to the office to meet their parents. 
Students will not be released to parents/guardians at the classroom door.  Students not boarding school buses at 3 p.m. are to leave the school property and walk directly home unless participating in a school supervised activity.