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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Jean Vanier Cooperative Education


Welcome to the Jean Vanier CSS Cooperative Education Student Webpage.

On this Website, you can download Logs and other assignments, find your teachers’ contact information, review and confirm important dates, and read any important announcements.



News and Announcements


* Reminder to Students *
· Thursday, May 10, 2012 is the next In-School Day. If you have still to submit overdue work, bring it on May 10th.  These are the assignments that should have been submitted by May 10th:
2.  Log & Journal # 1- #10
-On Thursday, May 10, Integration #3 is due. 
· 4 and 3 Credit Students are to report to the Co-op Office at the beginning of period 2. 
2 Credit students are to report to Room 304 after 1st Lunch.
It is imperative that you have ALL ITEMS LISTED ABOVE completed.
· ALSO…. TTC Tickets are for those students who are actively committed and participating in the Cooperative Education Program, including in school and placement activities. If you do not show up for In-School, you will NOT receive TTC Tickets for the next period of Placement.