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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Share Life Board-Wide Civvies Day  - Friday, April 7, 2017


6 April 2017
Dear Parents and Guardians,
ShareLife Week is celebrated each year during the Lenten Season in the week prior to Holy Week.  ShareLife supports the many local Catholic charities that help families, single parents, the elderly, individuals with special needs, immigrants and refugees, the homeless and the needy, as well as the education of clergy within our own City of Toronto. 
Learn more about these organizations here:
This year, ShareLife Week will be celebrated the week of April 3rd – 7th, and we are participating in a Board-wide Civvies Day to raise funds for the ShareLife campaign!
Our Civvies Day will be held on Friday, April 7, 2017.  Please consider donating a toonie (or whatever you can afford) in support of ShareLife.  All money collected will be directed towards the ShareLife campaign. 
Celebrating the Virtue of Justice during the month of April, this civvies day will be another fitting opportunity to build awareness of ShareLife’s new mission “to live the Gospel by providing for those in need”, and its new vision: “The Catholic community and its partners responding generously with justice and love”.  It is also a chance for staff and students to review the Wonderworkers ShareLife Curriculum: 
“Wonderworkers” recounts the powerful true stories of people being raised up and supported in justice and love by agencies funded through the ShareLife campaign.  Each section of the curriculum takes a thoughtful approach in connecting the work of a ShareLife funded agency as seen through the lens of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations.
We thank everyone in the TCDSB community for all that they do throughout the year to help others—giving of their time and their resources to make a difference.  We applaud those efforts, and take great pride in the commitment to living our Catholic values and putting faith into action.
With thanks for your continued support,
Linda Maselli-Jackman,


Share Life Boardwide Civvies Day 7 April 2017 Letter to JVCSS Parents.docShare Life Boardwide Civvies Day 7 April 2017 Letter to JVCSS Parents.doc