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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Library Resource Centre/Learning Commons

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The library resource centre at Jean Vanier is a multi-facted workplace.

Students who use the space may use it to:

  • work with friends on a project
  • access the internet through one of the 45 computers in the space (currently being upgraded)
  • participate in a special extra-curricular event for which the library is often booked
  • study with a group in the planned quiet seminar room
  • work on computer-related assignments as part of a regularly-scheduled class
  • have assignments printed if required
  • borrow books (both physical and electronic)
  • participate in a special academic support class (preparing for the OSSLT, for example)
  • read quietlyead quietly

We are currently comsidering a model of delivery for curriculum that would utilize the tremnedous potential available in tablet (ipad) teaching strategies. When decisions have been finalized, we will update this page.

The library resource centre, run uner the leadership of our teacher-librarian, is an exciting and growing part of the educational life at Jean Vanier CSS.