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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Athletes of the Month

Each month, the athletic department votes on ann outstanding student athlete of each gender. The criteria are varied, as you will discover upon reading about each athlete below, but all of them are deserving in their own way. Please join us in celebrating sportmanship, dedication, teamplay, and leadership among the athletes at Jean Vanier CSS. GO MAVS!


Chanel Raymundo Chanel Raymundo -- In her 1st year of competitive basketball at Vanier, Chanel exceeded well beyond expectations! She dominated the boards at both ends & game after game she led the team in scoring. Chanel literally carried the team on her back, all the way to the AAA City Finals!!!  She truly is a most gifted athlete! Pope’s loss is Vanier’s Gold Mine!!! Bravo!! 
Dexter Abrams Dexter Abrams--- Simply an outstanding student athlete who ran a personal best (finishing 4th out of a field of 80 runners) while proudly representing Vanier at the Centennial Cross Country Invitational. Dexter’s achievements both on & off the course are to be commended. He certainly is a role model for his peers to emulate. Bravo
Milene Justo
Milene Justo ---- She was the Heart, Soul & Captain of the Junior Lady Mav’s. Many viewed her as the best Jr. Point guard in the City! This exciting lil dynamo captured the awe of every crowd she played for with “ankle breaking” moves better than Jager. Our V.P. Mrs. Bannon referred to her as an Actress on stage & her stage was the Court. Milene culminated her year in supreme fashion as she willed her team to Victory in the AAA Jr. Championship game at Seneca College. !! 
Ronnell Perry
Ronnell Perry ---    Captain of the Sr. Volleyball team, outstanding blocker, Hitter & overall Inspirational Leader! All year, when they were tied or down, it was Ronnell the boys turned to & He never let them down.  It was only fitting that Ronnell scored the teams AAA Championship winning point with his Signature Dynamite Packing Spike!  Ronnell your Leadership skills are second to none & truly appreciated. Thanks &  Bravo!!
Mariel Gascon
Mariel Gascon ---   She is a seasoned veteran in her 4th year with the Lady Mav’s basketball program.. Mariel has always played the game with Passion & this year was certainly no exception. Mariel ran the point with superb court vision. She was a creative passer & always contributed on the score sheet as well. With the heart of a Lioness, she fought & scratched her team all the way to the AAA City Finals, coming up just a tad short. Great season Mariel. Bravo!!
Keenon Peterson
Keenon Peterson--- He is a late bloomer in the sport of volleyball, who worked extremely hard at turning himself into one of the leagues Premier Hitters. Keenon’s Thunderous Spikes never failed to pump up his team & his raw display of Power always seemed to ignite the crowd. He played a huge role in his teams overall success as League & AAA City Champions! Thanks Keenon for your blue print for success, for others to follow. Bravo!!

Sofia Silva
Sofia Silva ---- Sofia is in her fourth  year with the Lady Mav’s volleyball program. She displays great composure on the court & is always a calming/uplifting presence for her teamates. Sofia is a complete player who excels from both the Setting & Power positions. Her goal this year is to backbone her team to the playoffs & hopefully be a driving force towards a City championship for the Girls & her 1st year Veteran rookie Coach ,Joe Caputo !! Bravo Sofia…Go Lady Mav’s!
Sammy Ayisi
Sammy Ayisi----Captain of the Sr. Basketball team & court General for his team mates. Sammy returned this year with two goals in mind; improve his academic grades & lead his team to a 4th consecutive AAA City Championship. This Dominating point guard Brings it on every possession & just recently he dropped “48” points in a thrilling overtime win at the prestigious Jarvis Tournament. He can shoot, drive, slash & kick! The team’s future looks bright on your watch! Bravo!!!    & go get’um kid!!