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Toronto Catholic District School Board

2016 Canadian International AUTOSHOW Skills Competition


Congratulations to Sunny and Nerissa from Jean Vanier on their 3rd place finish in last week’s (Feb 8-12th) Skills competition at the Canadian International Autoshow.  Although the girls were a little disappointed in the final results, this was a very tough competition and they should be extremely proud of their accomplishment. This was the 17th year of the Competition and Vanier’s own Isaac Ozah has been involved since the beginning. 


Being the first ever all female team the girls quickly became the media favorite as more focus was spent following the ladies throughout the day rather than any other team. 
2016 Canadian International AUTOSHOW Skills Competition


It only took the first 20 minutes of the competition for the girls to earn the respect of their competitors.  Representing Jean Vanier in the 17th annual Skills Competition conducted by Centennial College, the team of Nerissa Dsouza and Sunny Manoharan were faced with the most difficult challenge of the competition at the onset of the day. 


A total of 21 teams were each sent to their stations in order for the competition to begin at 9:00 am. The on-car challenge required teams to solve a series of faults in 120 minutes, the girls decided to tackle the hardest condition to solve first.  The challenge was to identify and correct the reason which prevented the 2016 VW Jetta from starting.  Well it was quite obvious that the first ever all female team in the history of the Competition was one to watch as they successfully had the vehicle running in exactly 20 minutes, a challenge only completed by 4 other teams that day.  The next closest competitor took 45 minutes to solve the same challenge.  The girls impressed the judges and instilled fear in the competition as they completed each task presented throughout the day. 


What the competition didn't see was that the success of this team was 2 years in the making.  Beginning in the Grade 10 Transportation program with Mr. Caputo and transitioning into seniors under the guidance of their Teacher, Coach and Mentor Mr. Isaac Ozah, Sunny and Nerissa have spent countless hours preparing for the competition.  After the scores were tallied the top teams were separated by only a few points and at the end of the Competition the girls achieved a very respectable 3rd place, well done ladies. 


This is only the beginning for the girls, thanks to the TCDSB's CITI-Motive OYAP Program the girls have already been registered and are recognized as Automotive Apprentices. The future is bright as both are well on their way to successful careers in the Automotive Industry.