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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Mathematics Contests 2014

Once again this year, Jean Vanier  competed in The Canadian Mathematics Competitions. These annual international contests challenge and enrich students with both an interest and aptitude for mathematics.


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The various competitions are now written by more than 200,000 students from over 2,600 high schools in 50 countries around the world registered for these contests. Forms of the competition also
appear in Germany, Israel, the USA, Australia, Botswana, Ireland, and Great Britain. Thousands of these contest writers over the years have gone on to further develop their problem-solving skills and apply
them to rewarding careers. This year, 24,196 students participated in the Pascal Contest (Grade 9), 19,014 students participated in the Cayley Contest (Grade 10), and 15,475 students participated in the Fermat
Contest (Grade 11). 
This year, the Grade 9-11 University of Waterloo Mathematics Contests were held on February 20th, 2014 and the Grade 12 Euclid Contest on April 15th, 2014 The following Vanier student competed in their
respective grades. The Euclid contest (Gr. 12) results will be announced in May 2014.
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
1.  Paula    Lamaj                  
2.  Meryl   Pantaleon
3.  Arine    Joven
4.  Elijah  Navas Brown
5.  Ryan    Paran 
6.  Angelito Elipse 
1.  Kathleen Maitland
2.  Paolo  Hermogenes
3.  Christopher  Recillo
1. Helen Abraham
2. Santiago Moreno                
3. Jimmy     Chen Chen       
4. Krishant   Subramanian
5. Francesca Doctolero
6. James       Polvorosa
7. Earvin   Sachayathasan
8.  Nirojan    Kalaimani       
9. Theppika  Chelvakumar
10. Parami    Wijesundara
11. Jessica  Gnanayutham
12. Karen     Gatchalian
1.  Pirasan      Bhaskaran  
2.  Denecious  Ansalam    
3.  Rositha     Williams           
4.  Georgio    Abad  
5.  Ajanth       Arunan              
6.  John Henrik Santos      
7.  Alwin     Mathai                
8.   Kavindu   Fernando       
9.   Dilaani  Pathmanathan   
10. Gem       Doctolero            
11.  Andrea    Llanes              
12.  Diego     Mendoza            
13.  Jimmy Chen Chen    
14.  Danjing    Sun                   
15. Brian Russel Lacson          
16.  Kim        Estelo               
 17.  Mohammad Sikander
 18.  Luc   Duc                         
 19.  Kruse      Han
20.  Parami Wijesundara
 21.  John        Polvorosa     
 22.  Jude        Antony
The Winners of 2014 Mathematics Contests at Jean Vanier were:
1. Ryan Paran (Grade 9) who received a medal and a certificate of distinction,
2. Angelito Elipse (Grade 9) who received a certificate of distinction,
3. Meryl Pantaleon (Grade 9) who received a certificate of distinction,
4. Christopher Recillo (Grade 10) who received a medal,
5. James Polvorosa (Grade 11) who received a medal and a certificate of distinction.
Criteria :
   1. Every student scoring in the top 25% of all competitors receives a Certificate of Distinction.
·  2. Each School Champion receives a Contest Medal, at the discretion of the CEMC Executive.
·  3. The names of some top-scoring eligible students appear in zone, provincial, Canadian and international honour rolls.
We wish them the best and say “Good Luck” to our young mathematicians of future who participated in these demanding international mathematics competitions.
Please take a few minutes to view the pictures of our students in action.
The Mathematics Department
Raymond Sarkissian