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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Community Service Hours

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One of the requirements for the OSSD is the completion of 40 hours of Community Service. This is central to our mission as educators at Jean Vanier CSS, for our namesake, Jean Vanier, was a true advocate of service, and made it his life's mission to provide a caring community for men who may otherwise have been institutionalized.

Our guidance department staff  take the lead in student education around the community service hours requirement. They do this in several ways by:

  • speaking to the requirement at grade assemblies in each semester
  • providing posted opportunities for students to investigate to fulfill their requirement
  • encouraging students individually during their regular guidance appointments
  • co-ordinating the Community Service Pin recognition program during the Awards Ceremony, which is detailed below
  • recording and registering community hours as students complete them.

The Community Service Pin Award

Research has indicated that students who complete their community service hours during GRADE 9, are more likely to (1) accumulate more hours than others, (2) be generally more altruistic than those who do not complete their hours in grade 9, and (3) are more likely to continue to contribute to their community once they have completed high school. For these reasons, and in the spirit of Jean Vanier,  we initiated a new recognition program, dubbed "The Funky Forty", and is celbrated with gold, silver and bronze pins, and a spot in the hall of excellence outside the main office. As well, because community service is directly tied to graduation rates, we have incorporated this goal into our School Learning Improvement Plan. 

We plan to highlight students who have gone beyond the expected to truly deliver to their communities.

Do view the Community Service Flyer or dowload the Hours Submission Form, click here.