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As you read the following pages highlighting the achievements of the students of Josyf Cardinal Slipyj (JCS), remember that these successes are framed by the efforts and love of others: parents, grandparents, teachers, clergy all of whom work and care for the children of this school. Our patron, Josyf Cardinal Slipyj, was a giant of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, sacrificed much and expected honesty, genuine love and effort from those around him. His family crest had as its motto, "per aspera ad astra" - through hard work we can reach the stars; this is the credo of his namesake school and one towards which our students aspire.
The school was established in 1984 in a section of St. Louis School. When JCS opened its own school within the Toronto Catholic District School Board, there were 150 registered students; today we have upwards of 600 students, a testament to the commitment of the parents and the teachers to the ideal of the school. Under the spiritual leadership of St. Nicholas Church, we are blessed with regular visits from the priests who are vibrant and enthusiastic in their calling. Student liturgies, celebration of parish events and the preparation of the students for their first solemn communion are facets of the parish involvement in our school.
Our Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC) is a model of collaboration. The myriad of events and fundraising efforts spearheaded by the Council is efficient and always to the benefit of our students. Many of our parents have worked with other CSAC committees to assist them in organizing a transparent and effective committee. The support and encouragement displayed by the CSAC is a cherished part of the spirit of JCS.
In terms of student academic achievement, our students display excellent work habits and commitment to learning which is translated into superior EQAO and CAT/3 results. Our athletic accomplishments are notable; however, the sense of fair play and sportsmanship displayed by our athletes is as valuable and distinctive.
Please visit our website regularly to see what is planned and become familiar with the school curriculum, programs and our Before and After school programs. It is our hope that you will see that Josyf Cardinal Slipyj School is concerned about each child and strives to help each child find his or her potential. It is my belief that Josyf Cardinal Slipyj would be proud.