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READER:   Kazky – selected readings (Alberta Ed.)
                    Exercises to accompany reader  (Saskatchewan Ed.)
GRAMMAR:  Mova ij Rozmova- selected grammar exercises concentrating primarily on verbs. (Manitoba Ed.)
POETRY:  Approximately 2-3 poems per term may be assigned to be memorized.
THEMATIC UNITS OF STUDY:  Throughout the course of the year, your child will be  working on unit booklets which serve as a supplement to the literature programs.  These may include:
  • Thanksgiving
  • Famine in Ukraine
  • Christmas Cycle of Feasts
  • Taras  Shevchenko
  • Easter Cycle of Feasts
  • Nature and Sunflower
SPELLING PRACTICE AND VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT:  Students will be able to use letter cubes, flashcards, pocket charts and other manipulatives for tactile work to help reinforce letter and word development.
  • Students are encouraged to complete reading and writing assignments as required, complete thematic booklets both at school and at home.
  • Students are expected to come prepared for class with their own school supplies and binder, folder or notebooks.
  • Students must have all tests signed by parent(s).
EVALUATION:  Grade 4 evaluation is based on the following:
  • Reading skills and comprehension
  • Reading fluency; participation in class
  • Completion of assignments
  • Tests
  • Homework/Classwork:  30%
  • Tests:  50%
  • Poetry, book reports or projects :  10%
  • Participation in class:  10%