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  • Ukrainian National Anthem; composers and lyricist
  • Origins of Cyrillic Alphabet 
  • Marko Vovchok – Horpyna
  • Oleksa Dovbush – Famous Ukrainian Outlaw
GRAMMAR:  Parts of Speech, paragraph and essay writing style
HISTORY:  Ukraine – Genocide-Famine of 19321933
GEOGRAPHY:  Kiev – the heart of Ukraine
SUNFLOWERS:  Study of botany and relevance to Ukrainian culture
  • Ukrainian National Folk Costumes
  • Pysankarstvo – H.Badulak
  • Ukrainian Christmas Religious and Folk Traditions
  • Woodcarvings (Jacques Hnizdovsky)
  • Keramika – Ukrainian designs and ceramics
  • Influence of Christianity on Ukrainian Culture


BASIC PREPARATION:  Students are expected to come to class with their own school supplies every day. Student agenda should also be brought to class to record any changes or special instructions.
Tests are to be completed in BLUE INK only.
HOMEWORK:  Students are required to complete any unfinished class work at home and find time to review. Keeping up with work is a good study habit and tends to lessen stress before upcoming tests.
EVALUATION:  Students are assessed based on the following:
  • Reading fluency and progress
  • Oral participation in class 
  • Completion of assigned work on a timely basis 
  • Written tests, reading tests, oral tests, memorization
  • Class/Homework:  30%
  • Tests:  50%
  • Projects/Book Reports:  10%
  • Participation:  10% 

UNNECESSARY DISRUPTIONS:  Students are expected to keep any unnecessary disruptions to 0 levels as these interfere with the learning of others and flow of the lesson(s). Students must take responsibility for their own learning. We encourage the student to practice good work habits both in the classroom and at home.