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Curriculum Overview— Ukrainian

Each year, I revise and update portions of the Ukrainian program  to better serve the needs of the students and to freshen the content and follow-up activities. It also allows for weeding out of outdated material and worksheets.

This year I hope to make more changes to improve alignment with Board initiatives and expectations. Among these will be a more inquiry focused approach to learning. Task activities will strive to be as authentic as realistically possible in a classroom setting and students will have more opportunities to self direct practice and learning with their peers. More time will be made for interaction to increase the opportunities for use. Structured work will also remain as the benefits still prove their worth within the context of learning such as modelling sentences and paragraph forms, capitalization, singular and plural use of nouns and the like when working with the written aspect of the program- CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)

Those students who have had instruction within my class also know that I am a big advocate of some creative follow-up work, hands on —I like to call culminating activities which allow for artistic expression. The students always comment positively on these and look forward to them. They will remain as part of my program. 

Recently, the Board has been stressing the need for more collaborative work among students as well as teaching staff. It has been shown that the connection between student’s motivation and instructor feedback are key to driving the learning. Assessment still is a reality and most of us do not like to take any tests. This year, I intend to reduce the quantity of formal tests and rely more on follow up with students collaboratively and observation. 

This will be a year of evolving changes. Please support your child in their new learning opportunities.

Halyna Sakowsky-McEvoy