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Our students have been diligently practicing both before school and during their lunch hours, in preparation for the up-coming tournaments. Our Boys team will compete at Msgr. Percy Johnson on Monday November 10, 2014 and our Girls team will complete on November 12, 2014 also at Msgr. Percy Johnson located at 2170 Kipling Ave. Parents are welcome to at-tend to watch their child play and represent our school. We thank our coaches, Mrs. Leo, Mrs. Mete, Ms. Coscarelli, Mr. Mageau and Mr. Zubac for training and supporting our students.



Intermediate Volleyball


Congratulations to both our Boys and Girls Intermediate Volleyball Teams. Both competed at their divisional tournaments during the week of November 11, 2013. Our teams played stellar volleyball, displaying excellent skill and strategy. More importantly, they presented themselves with outstanding poise and sportsmanship, leading the other coaches and spectators commenting on the positive qualities displayed.


The boys managed to win 7 out of 8 games, winning the divisional championship and moving on to the regional final on November 18, 2013.


The Intermediate Girls Volleyball team participated in a competitive divisional tournament at St. Benedict’s School on Wednesday, November 13, 2013.  The girls were enthusiastic and energetic throughout an intense day of competition.  Our first match was against St. Stephen’s.  The girls played exceptionally well and won both games.  Our second match was against St. Benedict’s.  Again, the girls displayed great skill and sportsmanship while winning both sets.  Our final round robin match was against Nativity of Our Lord, and we continued our winning streak.  We made it into the finals undefeated.  Although the girls played with skill and precision , against St. Benedict’s, it was a heartbreaking loss in the last two points of the third, and final game.  We are extremely proud of the girls for their hard work and the way the represented our school.  Congratulations on a well-played tournament!  We will see you on the court next year.


Congratulations and many thanks to their committed coaches, Mr. Diamanti, Mrs. Leo, Mrs. Giorgio, Ms. Bridgeford and Mr. Mageau, who spent countless hours practicing and preparing the teams for their competitions.

Intermediate Girls Volleyball Team Intermediate Boys Volleyball Team
Marianna Lechman Matey Znaczko
Alexandra Koshyk Danylo Grod
Leelu Vasyliychuk​ Adam Cechosh
Brielle Cerkownyk​ Lev Iwasykiw
Tania Bakoum Dylan Clark
Sasha Clark Orest Benko​
Alexa Betley Andrew Szwedyk
Tamara Snigour Daniel Mokrivsky​
Victoria Mokrivska Matthew Dzurevych
Christina Fodtchouk Thomas Zenkovich
COACHES:  Mrs. Giorgio, Ms. Bridgeford, Mr. Mageau​ Alexander Mosor
Michal Laczny

COACHES:  Mr. Diamanti, Mrs. Leo



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