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Junior W5H


W5H 1.jpg

Mr. Diamanti and Mrs. Makuch have worked very diligently preparing our junior students to compete in the W5H divisional competition where students answer general knowledge questions.  They were very competitive and narrowly missed the opportunity to compete at the Regional final.  They will, no doubt, be ready for next year’s competition.  Congratulations to the competitors!


Tianna Lishchyna (captain) Emily Zelyk   ​Dana Overchuk ​William Demkiw
​Roxolana Smyk ​Natalia Tivirikin ​Alexandra Yelisyeyenko Anthony Bykov
Coaches: Mr. Diamanti, Mrs. Makuch  

Intermediate W5H


Congratulations to our Josyf Cardinal Slipyj Intermediate W5H team which placed third at the Divisional W5H competition. This team of seven enthusiastic students faced four other competitive teams in some very close matches, overcoming all teams except the eventual winners.  These competitors showed excellent competitive spirit and represented JCS very well.  Thanks to Mrs. Makuch for her commitment to these students and the program.




Lukyan Petruk​ Natalie Czyrnianski​
Brielle Cerkownyk​ Alexandra Koshyk​
Khrystyna Pakish​ Anastasiya Maykut​
Orest Benko​
Coach:  Mrs. Makuch