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 Leadership Initiative


This year our school began a unique initiative that we plan to continue into the future, namely, our Leadership Initiative. Our intent was to take 15 students from grades 4-7 and develop a core of students who will have roles of leadership and responsibility throughout the school year. As we began this in October, our students have been involved in outreach efforts to help people in our community through food drives and to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine through the charitable group, Help Us Help the Children. In April, this cohort of students travelled to Camp Kawartha for a 4 day outdoor education experience where they interacted with each other and developed the notion that they are not students in grade 4 or grade 7, rather they are JCS students. The students quickly began to work together in activities and began to see each other as friends and colleagues. As they returned to school there was a palpable feeling of accomplishment on the part of each participant and a genuine effort to help others within the school community.

This initiative is intended to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Our idea is to work with another cohort of leaders next year from grades 4-7. Students will be asked to write a short essay to articulate reasons they believe they should be part of the leadership group and what they would like to contribute to the school. Similarly, the next year another group would be formed; the intent is to give each child an opportunity to participate in the leadership group while they are at JCS. As we take more students through the process, all of our children will have a clear understanding of what a leader is and how to use each individual’s skills in service to others. This fundamentally is what we are trying to establish: a student population that sees its mission as a service to others in the school and the wider community. If we are successful in this, then the Leadership Initiative will have been successful not only for the current student population but for our future students who will understand the notion of service to others. 

No doubt there has been a lack of clarity in the mandate of this initiative. For this I apologize. However, I do believe that the initiative is valuable and will give each child an opportunity to explore their own leadership potential. I do commend and thank our teachers who were the initiators of this idea and to the parents who trusted the school and allowed their children to participate. Our initiative will continue in September and the Camp Kawartha excursion has been set for October 20-24, 2014. I hope that the children look forward to this opportunity and will plan to be a part of it.


JCS Leadership Group 2013-1014

Dennis Tryshak Vladislav Kobelsky Daniel Gengalo
Dmytro Polanski  Luka Blyzniuk Konstantyn Pop  ​
Michael Moskal  Aleksey Koretskyy Oriana Wankiewicz
Ruslana Bakoum Ruslana Bakoum Emily Kalnoochenko
Kateryna Zhurybida Sophia Illchuk  Lukiyan Hrycyshyn
Taras Marko Matthew DaSilva Matthew DaSilva
Brady Cerkownyk Edward Dvorin Adam Handziuk
Michael Tatarka Edward Moorehead Maxim Stelmakhovych
Danya Elyjiw  Tiana Wertelecky Kristina Ivasyk
Diana Rudyk  Natalia Lewycky  Natalia Lewycky 
Julia Guretska  ​ Maria Kazantseva ​ Daniel Mokrivsky​
Alex Czyrnianski  ​ Volodymyr Ivanyshyn ​ Oles Krencil  ​
Andrew Semczyszyn ​ Sasha Clark​ Tiana Lishchyna  ​
Roxolana Smyk  ​ Marta Skira  ​ Anna Ishchuk  ​
Mariya Seliutska​ Sofia Holowatsky ​ Christina Gerus  ​
Dylan Clark  ​ Lukyan Petruk  ​ Nykyta Shapoval​
Anthony Gorelikov ​ Oleh Trach  ​ Olesya Bilous  ​
Brielle Cerkownyk ​ Alexandra Koshyk​ Natalie Czyrnianski ​
Marianna Lechman ​ Alexa Potichnyj  ​ Lydia Trojanowski ​
Anelia Chomyn ​ Zoriana Wankiewicz​ Ksenia Baranovskii​

Teacher Leaders:  Ms. Bridgeford, Mr. Mageau, Mr. Pankhurst, Mr. Zubac