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Looking At Liquids

As a follow up to the Matter Unit, the grade 2 students participated in the Scientist In School program called "Looking at Liquids" conducted by Scientist Zane.  They were involved in experiments involving liquids turning into gases (blowing bubbles) and liquids becoming solids (eating freezies).  Not only did the students thoroughly enjoy the program, but they also learned how matter changes in appearance and its physical properties.



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Let It Flow: Air & Water


Gr 2 Scientiest.JPG
On April 16 and 17, 2013, the grade 2 classes were treated to a Scientist in the classroom presentation entitled "Let It Flow:  Air & Water".  The students were able to investigate the characteristics of air and water by performing various types of experiments involving a water wheel, the water cycle, making air lift bags and sailing land yachts. 

Gr 2 Scientiest 1.JPGGr 2 Scientiest 2.JPG
Gr 2 Scientiest 3.JPGGr 2 Scientiest 4.JPG